Laguna Band Saw


Model Number: MBAND14200


Never change the blade unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Here are the steps that need to be taken each time:

1.Should remove guards, move all the guides out above and below the table and de-tension the blade.

2.Remove and place new blade on. Set correct tension making sure it is not touching any guides(they should far for blade). Check blade is square to table and table is set flat.

3.Adjust tracking on the wheels and then set back ceramic guide to just touch back of the blade.

4.Put side guards back on making sure the whole assembly is right behind the gullet of the blade.

5.Set inside guides to just past touching blade, and set outside guides to the thickness of a dollar bill away.

6.Ensure blade is moving smoothly and guides are parallel to blade as they will try to twist when you tighten them.

7.Place guards back on and test run blade.

8.Once stopped run a parallel test and set fence to adjust for drift of blade.

9.If a specialty blade once you are done using remove and put a more standard blade back on.

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