Fusion360 Setup

Signup for and Download Fusion360

Signup for a Personal license for Fusion360. From there you can download the Fusion360 installer on a personal computer and continue setup from there.

Since Fusion360 is a cloud-based program, you do not need to use a flash drive or other storage media to transfer your files to another computer. All you need to do is sign in with your credentials and you can have access to your designs from any Windows or MacOS computer.

Import Post Processor and Machine Definitions

Download the following:

  1. Create a new document in Fusion and switch to the Manufacture workspace.

  2. Open up the Post Library under the Manage section.

  3. Select My posts/Local in the left side bar and click Import. Find the OpenBuilds post file you downloaded and select it. It will show up in your posts library.

  4. Close the Post Library window and open up the Machine Library, also under the Manage section.

  5. With My machines/Local selected, click the import button.

  6. Click the "Select from my computer..." button and open the LEAD CNC and Piranha machine definition files.

  7. After importing, both machine definitions will likely have an error since they can't locate their associated post file. Click the "Select a post..." button that looks like a folder.

  8. The post library will open for you to select a post to associate with a machine. Select the OpenBuilds post from your local posts to fix the association.

  9. Once both machines have an associated post, things should look like this. You're done!

If you have any issues following these steps, send an email to tools@area515.org for help.

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