Lulzbot Taz 6


The Taz 6 is currently undergoing upgrades and is not functional. Stay tunned for updates.


We use PrusaSlicer and custom profiles for this machine, please use the 3D printing computer for it. Select the Taz 6 Caroline profile and the correct filament and print profiles will be available for you to choose from. Select the settings you would like to use that match your filament.

Uploading to Octoprint

After clicking the slice button and viewing the result you can press the "Send to Printer" button next to it. Please prefix the filename with a folder named after you.


The printer is connected to an Octoprint server that is accessible on the Area515 network. You can connect by navigating to taz.local in your web browser.

Swapping filament

In Octoprint, set the extruder temperature to 200 and wait for the heater to warm up. Once heated, remove the teflon tube from the extruder lever, depress the lever, and remove the filament from the extruder. Remove the filament from the teflon tube and feed the new filament through and back into the extruder, replacing the teflon tube when done. Make sure you purge the old filament before printing.

Starting a print

In Octoprint, navigate to your folder in the file browser and click on the name of the file you would like to print. This selects the file, after which you can click the print button to start the print.


Probing Fails

Try cleaning the nozzle by removing debris from the tip. Be careful not to scratch it while doing so. If it continues to fail, please let Caroline know. Filaments like PETG and Nylon are more suseptible to this issue.

Parts wont stick

Clean the bed with IPA and a paper towel, being careful to avoid getting fingerprints on the bed. If this fails to work ask Caroline about it.