14"x12"x3" Next Wave CNC Piranha.


The Piranha from Next Wave Automation is a relatively small but sturdy CNC router. The spindle installed uses standard ER11 collets, and with the collets provided it is capable of holding 1/4" and 1/8" shank tools, though other sizes are available if required (ask a steward for more info). The spindle RPM is electronically controlled and variable from ~0-12,000 RPM.

VCarve is used for toolpath generation, though it is compatible with other solutions, such as Fusion 360. Ask a steward if you would like to use something else.

Approved Materials

Materials must be approved for use by a tool steward. The following materials are approved at this time:

  • Most woods

    • Hardwoods

    • Softwoods

    • Plywood

    • MDF

  • Plastics

    • Acetal/Delrin

    • HDPE

    • Acrylic

    • Polycarbonate

    • PVC

Non-ferrous metals are not approved at this time. If you would like help with a material, or what you want to use is not listed, ask a steward for more information.


Preflight Checklist


"G-code motion target exceeds machine travel" error

This error may be accompanied by an "G-code locked out during alarm or jog state" error.

If this happens while running a program, it likely means that your workpiece/toolpath is too close to the machine extents. To solve this, you will either need to move your workpiece location, or edit your toolpath to not get as close to the machine extents.

If this error occurs during probing, the starting position for the probing move is likely too high. Jog the Z axis up small amounts until the Z probe move completes successfully.

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