spectraLIGHT CNC Mill


The spectraLIGHT is a mini mill from Sherline contained in an enclosure and adapted to CNC. It uses specialized Morse 1 taper collets that hold tools up to 1/4". It can hold tools with a larger shank (up to 1/2"), as well as a drill chuck and other tooling (such as a fly cutter), via an external thread on the spindle. The spindle is electronically controlled and variable from ~0-10,000 RPM

VCarve can be used for toolpath generation, though Fusion360 is recommended for greater flexibility.

Approved Materials

Materials must be approved for use by a tool steward. The following materials are approved at this time:

  • Metals

    • Mild Steel

    • Cast Iron

    • Soft Alloy steels

    • Aluminum

    • Bronze/Brass

  • Plastics

    • Acetal/Delrin

    • HDPE

    • Acrylic

    • Polycarbonate

    • PVC

Wood and metals containing hazardous substances (beryllium bronze/copper, cadmium, magnesium) are not approved for use. Please avoid cutting metals with zinc or chrome plating, and materials containing lead. If you would like help with a material, or what you want to use is not listed, ask a steward for more information.


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