I want to be trained on a tool/area, who do I contact?

Please email tools@area515.org to schedule training. Include what tools you would like to get trained on as well as your availability. Be prepared to pay the yearly tool usage fee. You can go to our website to pay the fee, or pay in person by leaving it in the drop box in an envelope with your name and what area it's for.

Are these all the tools you have?

Nope. This is only a list of the major ones. Plenty of tools aren't listed here, either because we haven't documented them yet or because they're too small to enumerate. If you're wondering about something that you don't see here, email tools@area515.org and ask.

I haven't heard back about my training request, what do I do?

If you don't hear back after a few days, feel free to send out another email followup. Sometimes emails are overlooked or the stewards are too busy to respond at the time they receive it. Please be patient though, all of our stewards are volunteers.

I broke a tool, what do I do?

Please email tools@area515.org with details about what you broke and how it broke. The sooner you report it the sooner it can be fixed. Use this flyer to make sure people don't use it while it's broken.

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