Emco Maximat Super 11 Lathe


The Maximat Super 11, manufactured by the Austrian company Emco, is a capable little lathe. While being similar in size to many Atlas and Craftsman hobby lathes, the Maximat is sturdier and equipped with more creature comforts than its counterparts. Spindle speed is dictated by two levers and two motor speeds for easy switching between 8 speeds, and it comes standard with a gearbox for feed selection. It also has a dedicated feed rod and leadscrew, and power crossfeed with simple feed direction selector.

Our machine is the metric variant, so all the micrometer collars are graduated in millimeters, and the gearbox is setup for metric feeds and screw pitches. As a side effect, despite including a thread dial, our machine can not easily cut an inch thread since the thread dial only works for metric pitches. The spindle nose is a D1-4 camlock with a MT4 bore, and the tailstock has an MT2 bore. We have an AXA sized quick change toolpost mounted on the compound.


This tool requires more training than the average tool at the Area515. If you have experience with machine tools, much of this training may be skipped if the required skills are demonstrated to a steward. This process still requires scheduling a training session with a steward.

If you do not have experience with machine tools, message a steward and they can work with you for training. This process will involve some self-study time before getting on the machine with a steward's guidance. Due to the amount of knowledge required to operate this tool, this process may take a few weeks depending on scheduling availability and your study speed.

Due to the complexity of this tool and variety of operations it can perform, much of this section will be divided under individual sub-pages.

Tool grinding is an important skill on a manual lathe. Knowing how to sharpen a tool, or grinding custom tool geometry is invaluable for quickly and effectively turning parts on a lathe.

Single-point turning threads on the lathe is a good skill to have. This section details how to setup the thread dial and change gears for cutting various threads.


In order for the machine to operate at its best, it needs to be properly lubricated. Refer to this page for lubrication instructions.


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