Rostock MAX V4


This machine uses 1.75mm filament only. Please be careful when purchasing filament.


We use PrusaSlicer and custom profiles for this machine. Currently these profiles are only available on the 3D printing computer. When slicing, make sure you select the Rostock MAX V4 physical machine profile.

Uploading to printer (from PrusaSlicer)

After slicing, a button will appear next to the export button for saving directly to the printer over the network. If the printer is on and responding via the web interface you can use this to upload the sliced file directly to the printer.

Please save your files in a folder named after you. Orphaned files may be removed.

Feel free to add sub-folders to your folder as needed.



The printer is controlled via web browser. While connected to the internet at the space, navigate to rostockmax.local/ to access the control interface.

The web interface may not be accessible in the manner on android devices. It is possible to direct connect via the IP of the Duet, though that is outside the scope of this guide.

Changing Filament


Can't connect via web interface.

If the printer doesn't respond when trying to connect, try power cycling it if possible. If this occurs during a print, be patient, most disconnects will be resolved shortly after they happen. If you need to cancel a print while the web interface is not responding, turning off the printer will cause the print to stop and not resume on power up. Please restore power to the machine shortly afterwards so the hotend doesn't jam.

Parts won't stick

Try cleaning the bed with IPA and a paper towel, being careful to not get fingerprints on the bed. If this doesn't work please contact a 3D printing steward.

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